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Johnson Viking Ranger II

160-6 meter transmitter, all paper and electrolytic capacitors changed. 18K resistor in VFO changed to 10 watt unit. All resistors checked and replaced if out of tolerance. Face and case completely stripped, primed and painted. Face was silk screened, clear coated and buffed to a brilliant shine. Cabinet was powder coated. All the knobs were polished. New audio potentiometer. New keyer potentiometer. VFO surround polished. New rubber feet for the cabinet. Tubes were tested. VFO aligned on all bands. Keyer adjusted per factory spec. New low voltage "push to talk" installed. Bench tested for several days. Used "on the air" with good power output and excellent reports



 Johnson Viking Ranger I (SOLD)
 Another one being restored.. Reserve it now.

Disassemble and clean chassis

Install all new paper and electrolytic capacitors

Align band switch cam under chassis and lubricate

Tighten screws to L17 that are always loose and cause intermittent problems

Disassemble VFO housing and replace 18k resistor with 10 watt unit

Remove defective power transformer and install rewound unit

Test and clean tubes, replace as needed

Reassemble VFO housing and perform preliminary alignment

Install push to talk relay option

Polish knobs and replace pointers

Disassemble meter, buff housing, reset glass retainer and clean glass

Strip, paint, rescreen face, clearcoat and buff to a brilliant finish

Strip paint and clear coat cabinet

Buff mounting hardware

Replace missing hardware

Align VFO

Adjust  L5 per spec

Load to 130 ma on all bands

Adjust variable resistor under chassis for proper resting modulator current  

Use contact cleaner on all rotary switch contacts

Check all resistors to be within 10%

PRICE $1395

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