E.F. Johnson Radio Restorations
E.F. Johnson Radio Restorations by Chuck Hurley (K1TLI)
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E.F. Johnson Radio Restorations by K1TLI, Chuck Hurley is all about preserving the past with a touch of modern materials. 


Each unit is carefully evaluated for restoration with discrepancies noted.  Special attention is given to undocumented changes/modifications that may have been made.  Every effort is made to return the unit to its original condition/design so that someone else working on it in the future will have a solid baseline from which to work.


 Each unit is disassembled and thoroughly cleaned to begin with.  All units receive new electrolytic and paper capacitors.  Dual capacitors are custom made to mimic the originals mostly for installation convenience.  Tubes are tested, graded and cleaned.  Resistors are checked to assure they are within tolerance.


The face and case of each unit are completely stripped of paint.  The case is primed, sanded and reprimed with basecoat sealer, then the basecoat color is applied and finally the clear coat is sprayed on.   The face is filled where necessary, welding extra holes as needed, primed with an etching primer, reprimed and finish sanded, painted with the main color and taped off and painted with the second color.  The face is then wet sanded with 2000 grit paper until absolutely smooth.  Silk screening is done next and when completed the face is cleaned and then clear coated.  Finally the face is carefully wet sanded and buffed to a brilliant shine in a four-step process.  The Ranger II and Valiant II are done in a slightly different manner.  The case for these units is powder coated and the face is sprayed with a mat finish clear coat.  Either way the results are both stunning and beautiful and you have a piece of equipment that will be a trophy on display for many years to come.  New pointers are installed in each knob and each knob is thoroughly cleaned and then clear coated.  The Valiant II knobs are buffed to a shine.  VFO dials are cleaned with plastic polish and all indicator lamp housings are buffed.


Once the face is done, each unit is carefully reassembled.  In the case of the Valiant I the VFO and vertical shield behind the VFO are machine buffed to a brilliant shine.  The chassis and coils are hand polished.  The Valiant I & II lend themselves nicely to this treatment as you can look down from the top through the case perforations and see all the components.  With the unit reassembled, capacitors replaced as aforementioned, resistors and tubes replaced as needed its time to tune for maximum smoke! 


Each unit is thoroughly tested to the original specifications and then run for a day on the bench.  Finally it is put through the “On The Air” test.  If all is well the case goes on and a new instruction manual provided. 


My goal is simply to provide you with a working piece of Amateur Radio history that will perhaps last another 50 years if properly operated and maintained.  Of course I am here to repair anything that might happen to any unit.


73 for now

Chuck Hurley


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