E.F. Johnson Radio Restorations

Johnson 500 For Sale

Power Supply Features

-power supply chassis completely stripped and re-plated
-new wiring harness fabricated for power supply
-low voltage transformer rewound
-choke hi-pot tested, loaded, dipped and new leads installed
-Peter Dahl high voltage transformer
-Peter Dahl modulation transformer
-power supply cover stripped, painted and clear coated
-all new electrolytic capacitors installed in power supply
- all safety features restored 
-all wiring laced in place
-new feet installed
-tubes tested + 3B28 rectifier tubes installed

RF Deck Features

-face stripped, primed, painted, silk screened, clear coated, wet sanded, and buffed to a brilliant shine
-knobs polished and new pointers installed
-all paper and electrolytic capacitors changed 
-VFO resistor changed
-all tubes tested
-aligned on all bands
-tested " On the Air" with excellent reports 
-all new interconnect and high voltage cables
-new cabinet feet installed

Price   $6,250.00

repainted face face for the RF deck

repainted cabinet for the RF deck
repainted power supply cover 

new wiring harness for the power supply 

interconnecting cables between the power supply and the RF deck

Power chassis before replating

power chassis after replating
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