E.F. Johnson Radio Restorations
Started restoring radios in 2004
Background includes many years of body work and painting
Licensed as K1TLI in 1963.
40 plus years of experience repairing electronic equipment
Currently available services include restoration of the Johnson line including:
Valiant I
Valiant II
Ranger I
Ranger II
Johnson 500
Small Matchboxes
Kilowatt Matcbox  
Installation of new knob pointers and clear coating of knobs
Parts available include:
Rubber feet
VFO bezel gasket material
Long cabinet bolts
Stainless steel case screws and stainless washers
New VFO dials
Rewound and new transformers
Capacitor kits for all models including custom made dual electrolytic tubular capacitors
VFO couplings repaired
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