E.F. Johnson Radio Restorations
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Below you will see one of the finished Viking Valiant Radio's I recently restored.  With each radio I include the restoration documentation with a serial #  (this serial # is my number sequence and not the manufacuters).  The documentation sheet gives you a overview into the process of restoring the radio equipment.





  1. Face stripped, primed, repainted/rescreened and clear coated, wet sanded and  buffed to a brilliant shine 
  2. Case stripped, primed, painted Thunderbolt Maroon and clear coated
  3. New rubber feet installed on the cabinet
  4. New Pointers for each knob and knobs clear coated
  5. Undocumented modifications removed and unit returned to stock configuration
  6. High voltage, low voltage and bias supply electrolytic capacitors changed
  7. All paper caps (5) changed
  8. Wire jumpers and install new 9 pin plug and cap
  9. All tubes tested, graded and replaced as required and cleaned
  10. Lube VFO switch shaft
  11. High voltage wiring to 866 filaments changed
  12. Clean and lubricate all rotary switches with Deoxit products by Caig
  13. Chassis partially dismantled, polished and reassembled
  14. Coils polished
  15. All chassis screws tightened
  16. New power cord
  17. All face components buffed to a shine
  18. Face reassembled and VFO aligned on all bands against a digital readout
  19. Final amp grid voltage set to – 70 volts per spec
  20. Static modulator current set to 60 ma per spec
  21. Clamper adjustment for static plate current set to 10 ma per spec
  22. L5 & L17 adjusted for maximum grid current
  23. Keyer adjustment made
  24. Amplifier neutralized
  25. Loaded on all bands to 440 ma plate current for CW into a 50 ohm dummy load
  26. Loaded on all bands to 330 ma plate current for AM into a 50 ohm dummy load
  27. 200 watts output minimum CW measured w/50 ohm dummy load & MFJ-989C tuner
  28. In excess of 150 watts AM measured w/50 ohm dummy load & MFJ-989C tuner
  29. 5/9 Reports 75 meters AM mode with a D-104 microphone on the air for 1 hr
  30. Low voltage power supply tested at 360 volts dc – CW mode
  31. Bias voltage tested at –225 volts dc – CW mode
  32. High voltage tested at 750volts dc – CW mode
  33. New long bolts (4) furnished and installed
  34. Cabinet screws (20) each included with stainless washers
  35. Repair band switch contacts (replace 3 contacts)

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